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Birch Run Bloodhounds

Todd & Laurie Snellenberger
9263 Canada Rd
Birch Run, MI  48415

facebook:  BirchRun Bloodhounds

email:  flowerz722@charter.net

home phone (989) 244-6167


We are Todd & Laurie Snellenberger

We have 4 children, 7 dogs (1 is our granddog and 1 is a rescue), 1 cat and 2 fish tanks.  Yes we are crazy…

Our bloodhounds are Cleetus, Chloe, Daisy, and Maddie.  Our dogs are a continuation of our family, they are our children. They live in the house with us, not outside. We have a large fenced in yard to allow them lots of room to play without running the risk of one of them catching a scent and taking off. Once their nose is to the ground all the education and discipline in the world will not stop them from following that scent.

Our dogs are crate trained, meaning they each have a cage that is their own. They sleep in the crates at night, while we are gone, and whenever else they want the security of their own spot. We highly recommend starting early to crate training all puppies. The dogs appreciate the security of their crates and you will appreciate the knowledge that your house is safe from your puppies playful nature.

 Before making a decision to adopt a puppy or dog of any kind, please be sure to do lots of research on the breed you are looking at.  Adopting a pet should never be a spur of the moment decision.  Please consider the necessary vet checks, shots, food, toys, exercise, and love and affection that is required of any pet.  Having a dog is not cheap…you must be ready for any unexpected emergencies that may arise.  With that being said, I can’t imagine a family not wanting a dog.  Dogs teach responsibility, love, and compassion.  Dogs love you no matter what.  They don’t talk back and they are always ready to kiss you in public- 2 things I can not say about our 4 teenagers!  If you have a dog, love it…it you want a dog, be ready for the most exciting moments and treasure them.

 And my favorite quote of all time
“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our life whole”
-Roger Caras

the girls

The girls, Chloe and Maddie

10 days 2



Maddie Ray






Sasha, the boss of them all

Daisy Mae

Daisy Mae


The princess Tinkerbell, with daddy


Cletus giving Luna a kiss


Meesha looking quite at home in the snow


















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